2008 Vity Awards

Every year vitamins and health supplements suppliers have their own Oscars. The best of the best are voted on by vitamin retailers. Most of the winners are available here at MyHealthMyWorld. If we don't stock the product we have provided a link for you to follow. Here are the winners with links to more information:
Top Categories :

In first place in its class.......



Gold Medal winner: Solray Cal-Mag Citrate
The calcium and magnesium in ths product are chemically bonded with natural citric acid....learn more


Gold Medal winner: Flora - Floravital Iron & Herbs
This formula was specially designed as an alternative to Floradix for those who suffer from allergies....learn more

Multiple Vitamin

Silver Medal winner: Source Naturals- Life Force Multiple
The most complete daily formula available, is scientifically Bio-aligned....learn more

Vitamin E

Tied Gold Medal winner: NOW Foods - E-400
E400 IU is a remarkable formula that works synergistically with other antioxidants to protect....learn more


Tied Gold Medal winner: NOW Foods - Zinc Picolinate
..provides an essential mineral that plays an important role in many enzymatic function. Zinc helps support health immune system.....learn more

Acidophilus / Probiotic / Enzymes

Gold Medal winner: Renew Life - Ultimate Flora
Ultimate Flora Adult Formula is a daily maintenance probiotic specially formulated for people aged 19-49....learn more

Fiber Internal Cleanser

Gold Medal winner: Renew Life - Cleanse Smart
This herbal formula supports the cleansing of the body's seven channels of elimination....learn more

Joint Support

Gold Medal winner: NOW Foods - Glucosamine and MSM
The calcium and magnesium in ths product are chemically bonded with natural citric acid....learn more

Men's Health

Tied Gold Medal winner: New Chapter - Prostate 5LX
New Chapter has extensively researched the herbal pharmacopoeia and international databases and discovered that certain time-tested herbs, properly extracted and blended....learn more

Green Food Supplement

Gold Medal winner: Wakunaga - KyoGreen
Ky0-Green's unique combination works more effectively than any other single ingredient....learn more

Cat's Claw

Gold Medal winner: Enzymatic Therapy - Saventaro
Saventaro offers the following benefits: supports health B- and T-cell development; supports joint health by modifying the immune system....learn more


Gold Medal winner: Enzyme Therapies - Esberitox
Esberitox delivers protective qualities essential to achieving qualities essential to achieving great health naturally....learn more


Gold Medal winner: Solray Cal-Mag Citrate
Aged garlic extract supports health cholesterol level, circulation, immune function, liver function....learn more

Ginkgo Biloba

Gold Medal winner: NOW Foods - Ginkgo Biloba
NOW Ginkgo Biloba is grown and extracted under the highest quality standards. The 50:1 standardized extract guarantees a minimum 24%....learn more

Medicinal Teas

Gold Medal winner: Traditional Medicines - Smooth Move
Smooth Move provides gentle overnight relief from occasional constipation. Senna leaf promotes....learn more

Bone Support

Gold Medal winner: Jarrow Formulas - Bone-Up
The most complete nutritional regime for joints and bones. Utilizes hydroxyapatite calcium, the same form found in the human body....learn more

Digestive Support

Joint Gold Medal winner: Source Naturals - Essential Enzymes
Is a Bio-aligned formula, designed to ensure that you absorb the full nutritional value of your food....learn more

Heart/Cardio Support

Gold Medal winner: Enzyme Therapy - HDL Booster
Boost your good cholesterol (HDL) naturally. This clinically studied combination of herbs, vitamins, CoQ10 and policosanol naturally increase good cholesterol levels by upto 23%....learn more

Immune System

Gold Medal winner: Source Naturals - Wellness Formula
is the No.1 selling vitamin and herbal winter supplement. Wellness is uniquely effective because it goes deep to the root of the body system inbalance....learn more
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